Tanjung Layar, Sawarna

Known as Tanjung Layar because there stood two large rock shaped like a sail of a ship.

When we walk down the beach from Ciantir to the east, about 500m you will find Tanjung Layar. This place is a great place to watch the sunset.

Unlike Ciantir which has the sloping and sandy beach, TanjungLayar is a rocky coast.

In addition to two large coral-shaped sails which have been used as an icon of Sawarna, there is also a large and wide rock which called by the local residents as “the castle”.

Incessant waves hit the rocks when we were there.

Here are the photos TanjungLayar ….

walking down the beach to Tanjung layar

Tanjung Layar in the distance

The Rock and The photographer

Tanjung Layar n green

Sawarna icon

Tanjung Layar

view from east

another view

unceasing waves hit the reef

"the castle"

Wanna go there…? check in my previous post to find how to get there here

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