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Photograph of Photographer

Sometimes when you have no idea what to photograph, photographer is the answer …
yes photographer is an interesting subject to be photographed, here are some photographer friends that I can photograph while hunting in the Sawarna village. Read the rest of this entry »


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Surfing Time, Sawarna

On the way back to the Sawarna village After Sunset Photo hunting at Lagoon Pari we stopped at Ciantir beach to photograph some people who are surfing.

I do not have the ability to assess the condition of the waves for surfing here, the following is the assessment of Sawarna waves from Stormrider Surf guide at magicSeaweed

“This wave has many moods and swells rear up from deep water, shifting around a bit, sometimes more hollow on take-off but generally a fast wall and always plenty of power”

here are the photos : Read the rest of this entry »

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Tanjung Layar, Sawarna

Known as Tanjung Layar because there stood two large rock shaped like a sail of a ship.

When we walk down the beach from Ciantir to the east, about 500m you will find Tanjung Layar. This place is a great place to watch the sunset.

Unlike Ciantir which has the sloping and sandy beach, TanjungLayar is a rocky coast.

In addition to two large coral-shaped sails which have been used as an icon of Sawarna, there is also a large and wide rock which called by the local residents as “the castle”.

Incessant waves hit the rocks when we were there.

Here are the photos TanjungLayar …. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ciantir Beach, Sawarna

One day is not enough…

Yes, there are so many things can be explored at Sawarna village, of course in a term of photography. You can find a sandy beach at Ciantir and rocky beach along the line toward to Tanjung Layar and you can see the sunset at this beach. In the morning you can find a sunrise at Lagoon Pari that located about 1.6km from Sawarna village. And after that the rocky beach named Karang teraje is waiting for you to be recorded to your memory card…that’s why One day is not enough to explore Sawarna.

This Photos can explain better than my words… Read the rest of this entry »

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Tanjung Lesung – Hunting Foto bersama KPC

Plup…! Notifikasi email berbunyi, sepintas terlihat subjectnya “ KPC hunting-tanjung lesung resort”. Dalam hati bertanya, “nah..gimana jadinya nih?”, setelah rencana hunting foto ke tanjung lesung ini di undur.

Setelaha email dibuka, ternyata pemberitahuan dan konfirmasi bahwa Rencana hunting Foto ke Tanjung Lesung jadi diadakan pada tanggal 17-18 Desember 2011, dan cottage sudah booked untuk tanggal tersebut di Tanjung Lesung bay Villas & Resort . Setelah membalas email dan konfirmasi ke-ikut sertaan, langsung browsing untuk mencari informasi, baik rute ke arah sana maupun referensi lainnya, tidak ketinggalan referensi foto-foto juga dong 🙂

How To Get There

Untuk menuju Tanjung Lesung bisa Read the rest of this entry »

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